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Lord Melton and his Duchess | Book 4 - The Duke's Brothers

Lord Melton and his Duchess | Book 4 - The Duke's Brothers

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The Duke and his wife have been married for many years, but their arranged marriage never flourished into love... until now.

Emma has a lovely life, three growing daughters, vast wealth and status. What she doesn't have is the love of her husband, but she had his respect. Until Joseph, Charles's cousin begins to pursue her, and her husband accuses her of being unfaithful.

Emma can't fathom the insult, and decides that it is best to visit her parents estate, where her mother is unwell, and tend to her. She misses Charles, but is heartbroken by his words and doesn't know how to mend their marriage.

Can the Duke find his way to love? Or will Joseph succeed in seducing Emma and ruining her marriage once and for all?
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