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Two Lovers and her Unicorn

Two Lovers and her Unicorn

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On an alternative primitive Earth, Naylaa the healer is bound to her beautiful Unicorn Bronte. United since birth, she's spent her life keeping him safe from hunters who would kill him for his magic. She is lucky enough to live in a town who still revere the power the original creature contains. Naylaa knows the legends that surround her birth and her bond to Bronte, and is waiting for the United pair that will complete their life.

When Gorvan arrives in town, a blue-eyed stranger from a faraway town, he instantly grabs Naylaa's attention. But it is only when she discovers Seinna, his United, does Naylaa know that Gorvan is her soul mate. But Gorvan is stubborn and scared of what will become of them all if he lingers in Naylaa's town too long. He wants to keep moving from town to town and doesn't believe Naylaa about their need for one another.

Naylaa must make him see the truth of their Fated love...before mens greed and Gorvan's stubbornness tears them all apart forever.

Standalone novella. Guaranteed happily ever after.

Author note: contains FF, MF and FFM scenes.

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