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Brad's Mate | Book 3 - The Borough Boys

Brad's Mate | Book 3 - The Borough Boys

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The final Alpha of the Borough meets his mate… but it may be too late.

Full of restless longing to see the world, Brad Talon has spent years roaming far and wide. But something has been calling him home… tugging at him. As a self professed loner- he resists as long as he can, until he receives an urgent message that he's needed at home.

Back in Greensborough, he sees first-hand the ravages of Rogue attacks on the 'Borough. He also learns that as the last un-mated Alpha, his time has come. His Beta mate has been found.

On his 21st birthday, Stephen Creel challenged for the right to become a Beta. He made the rank, but with an unexpected change--a huge birthmark on his thigh. A mark that destines him to be a match for Alpha Brad. Stephen's not sure he wants that much of a change in his life!

But Brad and Stephen have more urgent problems. With most of their Alphas away at a summit, their pack nearly defenseless, the Rogues attack. And this time... the fight will be a no-holds-barred fight to the death.

Can Brad and Stephen rally their pack to victory… or will their life together end before it even begins? 

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