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Fae Hunter: Semester 2 | Book 2 - The Slayer Academy

Fae Hunter: Semester 2 | Book 2 - The Slayer Academy

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From Fae Slayer to renegade rebel.

My instincts are flashing like a neon sign—the Academy can't be trusted. I've glimpsed the true heart of a Fae prince. Fiore is kind, merciful and saved my life. But now he's missing. I must journey to the Fae realm, but it couldn't be more treacherous.

Especially with Nyeer, the Fae prince who tried to kill me. But loathing soon turns to lust and Nyeer strips away my defenses—along with my clothes... Until my heart's in just as much danger as my life.

Magic lessons and weapons classes were child's play compared to the fight to rescue Fiore and protect the Fae Kingdom.

Fans of Laurell K. Hamilton and J.R. Ward are addicted to the Slayer Academy series!

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