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First Comes Love | Steamy Contemporary Romance Collection

First Comes Love | Steamy Contemporary Romance Collection

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Sexy men fall in love with sweet, sassy and REAL women in this collection of contemporary romances.

Forbidden Baby. 
I'm dating the sweetest, hottest, most genuine girl.
I think I've finally found the one.
Until I turn up at my father's wedding, and the little skank is my new STEP SISTER.
I cannot believe it... I have to call it off. I don't have a choice.
Do I?

Accidentally Pregnant. 
My ex-wife is finally behind me and now it's time to sort out the issues in one of my hotels.
I'm furious when my mother hires a consultant behind my back...
but God, the woman's hot.
Surely a holiday fling can't hurt?
Or so I believed.
Until I find out she's pregnant with my baby, and she wants nothing more to do with me.

Good Girl. 
I'm scarred and broken. Not fit for a relationship, with anyone.
And I certainly don't need some gorgeous lawyer who thinks she'd better than everyone else.
Sure, she's sweet... and kind... and genuine.
And it hurts me to admit that, because the women of my past have been the opposite.
Surely she'll want my money and a few nights in my bed and be happy with it...
All the others have.

The One that Got Away. 
She was the girl I never forgot.
And she's back in my life by a strange twist of fate,
Can there be a second chance with the girl I left behind?

Baby Doctor. 
A wife and kids isn't for me.
I do nothing but work and none of my girlfriends have ever been able to handle that.
But she's different. She's a nurse... and a workaholic too.
Surely she won't mind being my second priority...

Over 500 pages of contemporary romance from the same author. Intense heroes and good girls. Scroll up and get your copy of this steamy box-set today!

Author note: This box-set was once published under the pen name- Fiona Miers.

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