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Going Rogue | Book 2 - Time Cop Mysteries

Going Rogue | Book 2 - Time Cop Mysteries

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Life and love are on the line… and her choices could alter fate.

I miss my old life. When I knew who to trust.
But losing my sister pushed me to the edge.
Her brutal murder, and the police cover-up almost broke me.
And my loyalty to the NYPD crumbled.
I teamed up with an ex-con to find justice.
Geoff and I risked death when we time-hopped backward to hunt the killer.
Now the killer's behind bars.
And Geoff has disappeared.
I'll do anything to find the man who makes my heart beat in triple-time.
Desperate, I turn to an enemy, risking a double-cross.
But I'm blindsided by another. The person I love most. Who I was ready to die for.
Betrayal hurts like a bitch.
Now I'm forced to make a choice that could alter fate.
And I'm not sure I'll survive.

Book Two in this fast paced, action packed Urban Fantasy series with a sci-fi twist is finally here!

NOTE: This book was previously published under the title 'Time Jump'.

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