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I Kissed Three Boys… | Book 1 - Royal Harem Series

I Kissed Three Boys… | Book 1 - Royal Harem Series

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One minute life is normal… and the next, you discover you're married to a prince, and he wants a divorce!

When plane tickets turn up out of the blue, I assume I've won the lottery. But when is life ever that simple?

Instead, I find myself whisked away to Lichtenstein, where I'm confronted by the three boys I 'married' in a park when I was just seven years old! How the hell was I supposed to know that a children's fanciful game would hold real-world weight in a foreign country?

And it just so happens that one of those boys grew up to be a damn prince.

As it turns out, the prince needs a formal divorce so that he can marry for crown-and-country in a match already decided for him…

But the other two men in our impossible marriage have terms of their own. They won't agree to a divorce until the prince joins us for a no holds barred holiday. Just the four of us.

With old passions re-igniting, this once-in-a-lifetime holiday is going to be one we'll never forget!

Join the fun and enjoy a right royal romp in this steamy, light-hearted contemporary reverse harem romance! With an entertaining cast of characters to delight and get you hot under the collar, follow their globe-trotting party straight into Book 2!

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