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Pack Magic | Book 2 - Whychoose Witches

Pack Magic | Book 2 - Whychoose Witches

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It was a love spell that was meant to save us from heartbreak. Who knew such a thing would backfire so spectacularly?

I'm a book worm. A wall flower. I never really wanted to do the love spell, but I couldn't disappoint my best friends. Ruby and Tiffany just wanted it so much. After a lifetime of no men in our lives, it seems like we're attracting them three fold.

Three guys. THREE guys. For me. I can't even begin to tell you how wrong that should feel, and yet it doesn't. It feels... well, amazing. Except I somehow manages to get TWO Alpha wolves who don't know how to share, and the mystery surrounding my father is slowly unravelling.

How do I make my triad work when the past is holding me back, and the future is so uncertain?

Practical Magic meets Twilight in this coming of age, reverse harem paranormal romance.

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