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Perfect Pairs Bundle

Perfect Pairs Bundle

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Standalone, yet interconnected MFM menage paranormal romances. Fraternal twins in this Rocky Mountain lion shifter community are born as a Perfect Pair - two different yet complimentary men to love their mate.

★★★★★ ~ Steamy and Amazing! These stories were steamy, but also cute. I loved, that it was love at first sight for all couples, but that there still were obstacles they had to overcome, before their happily ever after.

Bundle includes all 6 books (see blurbs below).

Book 1 - Prowling Their Mate

Laura always thought soulmates were for suckers… But can two gorgeous brothers prove her wrong?

People say I’m too much—too big, too smart, too loud. Well too damn bad! I’m finally content with my plus-size body and quiet life. Sure, I haven’t dated in forever, but I have a thriving veterinary practice and a kid sister to worry about. Besides, experience tells me animals are much more deserving of my attention. Until two gorgeous brothers knock me off my feet.
The unsettling animal-attraction is instant. I can’t fight it and I don’t want to.

Finding Mr Right is not on my to-do-list, but I’m up for a little fun with Mr Right Now—times two. Somehow these polar-opposite twins— Tyler with his gentle intelligence. Brandon with his strength and protective streak — form a perfect pair. And as they worship every inch of my curvy body, they thaw my frozen heart. If falling in love isn’t scary enough to send me running, discovering these men are actually mountain lion shifters should do the trick.

But they claim I’m their fated mate. And I know it’s true because loving them is easier than breathing… But will the 'ghosts of girlfriends past,' tear us apart?

Book 2 - Stalking Thier Mate

They’ve survived broken marriages and battered hearts… …but can these fated mates trust each other enough to find true love?

When I escaped my abusive marriage, I was a broken shell of a woman. I was never smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough. Now I’m finally free and happy and stronger than ever. There’s still a hole in my heart where a loving husband and children should be, but it’s a small price to pay for my freedom.

A trip to the Rocky Mountains for my cousin’s wedding is exactly what I need. I’m shaking my ass on the dance floor, when my skin prickles under the heat of a man’s gaze. This man may be hot enough to melt my plus-size panties, but no way is he getting into them. Ever. Except he does.

Silver-tongued Jack wins me over with his sexy smile and captivating charisma. Then worships me from head to toe until the wall around my heart cracks. I didn’t want a man. Let alone two! But his twin brother intrigues me. Scott’s damaged soul calls out to mine no matter how desperately he tries to push me away. The baggage we all carry from our past relationships could sink the Titanic, but fate has its own plans. Because these mountain-lion shifters form a perfect pair. And they’re destined to share a fated mate.

Me. I may be their perfect match, but how can I convince Scott there’s enough love left in this world for the three of us? And will he ever trust me to protect his fragile heart?

Book 3 - Shadowing Their Mate

Kane and Reid are waiting for death, their fate sealed with the passing of their wife. But the moment they see Samantha their senses awaken.

With all my curvy cousins getting married to pairs of sexy fraternal twins, I figure going to one of the weddings couldn’t hurt? Right? Wrong. At Ashleigh’s wedding I meet Kane and Reid, two men who look like they’re not only knocking on death’s door, they’ve got one foot on the other side.

But the moment we touch, electricity shoots through my body and I know my life will never be the same. I have a boyfriend to break up with before I explore these feelings, and a life to put on pause. But how can I love two men? Especially when one of them is determined to keep me at a distance, and the guy I’ve been seeing turns up and tries to ruin everything?

Barry preys on all my insecurities, my weight, my job, my integrity, wanting me to believe I’m not worth loving,
Especially by two powerful, sexy men.

Kane and Reid may form a perfect pair, but there’s nothing perfect about me. 

Book 4 - Her Shifter Pack

A girl determined to do it on her own. The two men who'll give her everything she never knew she needed.

Lexie grew up in a tough environment, and when she escaped, she thought things would be easier. They weren't. And once again she's found herself in a situation where she has no money, no job, and nowhere to live. Maybe her mother was right and she wasn't meant to make it on her own.

Markus and Oliver are a perfect pair. Unidentical twins that are the opposite of each other, and yet perfect compliments. The bone of contention between them however is whether they'll share a mate or not. Ollie doesn't care and will take anyone Fate delivers to him. Markus is determined to stay single forever, believing what everyone says about him- that he's not made to be a husband.

But when Lexie literally runs into Ollie, their lives become intertwined and Markus will have to decide if he wants to risk his heart on a woman fate chose for him, or not...***

Perfect pairs- wolf shifter style! 

Book 5 - Her Shifter Mates

Nancy wants nothing more than to move out of the tiny town she'd been born into, and run away to the big city. But on her way, her car breaks down and she's stranded. At least this town has a mechanic shop, and a couple of places to eat while she waits for her life to begin. 

When brothers Tony and Steve pick up their truck after a full service, they run into a woman with curves for days. With one touch of her hand in theirs, they're knocked to the ground, and their carefully planned futures are turned on their heads.

Fated Mates, a BBW woman, and the men who'd do anything to love her. 

Book 5 in the perfect pairs series is here! 

This wil be the second in the spin off wolf shifting perfect pair brothers. MFM whychoose romance.

Book 5 - Her Shifter Babe

I will never be a doormat to a man again. My daughter deserves better than that!

Coming from nothing, I've worked hard to achieve my dreams, and just when they're within reach I make one terrible mistake. I allow myself to be charmed by a man who seems too good to be true. And before long, I realize he's what nightmares are made of.

Seizing an opportunity, I run for it, only to bump into one of the handsomest men I've ever met. The sexy gentleman comes to my rescue … and one thing leads to another! Six months later and pregnant, I'm desperate to find the father of my child—the sexy doctor who showed me kindness when I needed it most.

Through a stroke of luck, I find him and his stoic twin brother. Our connection is electric and the three of us become entangled. Their protection and willingness to accept me as I am means everything to me. My baby could have the stable home I've always dreamed of…

But Jamie hasn't forgotten about me, and he won't give me up without a fight. Can the twins protect me, or am I destined to pay for the mistakes of my past forever?

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