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Shadowing Their Mate | Book 3 - Perfect Pairs

Shadowing Their Mate | Book 3 - Perfect Pairs

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Kane and Reid are waiting for death, their fate sealed with the passing of their wife. But the moment they see Samantha their senses awaken.

With all my curvy cousins getting married to pairs of sexy fraternal twins, I figure going to one of the weddings couldn’t hurt? Right? Wrong. At Ashleigh’s wedding I meet Kane and Reid, two men who look like they’re not only knocking on death’s door, they’ve got one foot on the other side.

But the moment we touch, electricity shoots through my body and I know my life will never be the same. I have a boyfriend to break up with before I explore these feelings, and a life to put on pause. But how can I love two men? Especially when one of them is determined to keep me at a distance, and the guy I’ve been seeing turns up and tries to ruin everything?

Barry preys on all my insecurities, my weight, my job, my integrity, wanting me to believe I’m not worth loving,
Especially by two powerful, sexy men.

Kane and Reid may form a perfect pair, but there’s nothing perfect about me. 

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