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The Heir of Winter | Book 4 - The Dragon Kings of Fire and Ice

The Heir of Winter | Book 4 - The Dragon Kings of Fire and Ice

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Dymitri won’t let the past destroy his future with his broken mate.
When the sorceress Marienne foretells my mate is a human, and she is in trouble, I don’t think. I fly. Fly to the human world to hunt those men who have stolen her and would sell her into Hell itself. No-one will stand between me and my mate.

Sarah gave up on waiting for someone to rescue her, until a knight in shining scales arrived.
When a strange man offers to save me from an impossible fate, I’m terrified. Especially when he turns into a dragon before my eyes. It can’t be real. I have to be dreaming. But my sister is hurt, and they offer to save her too. So with my heart in my throat, I take the chance and leap. Letting the dragons obliterate all in their path.

Dymitri flys Sarah to his castle in the snow, hellbent on proving his worth.
But Sarah’s scars run as deep as Dymitri’s. They’ve both seen their fair share of battles, and both have a sad story to tell. Sarah is slow to trust, but Dymitri won’t give in. But a human is not meant to survive the cold of the North, and when Sarah tries to escape, it may be the end, for them both. 


Audiobook narrated by Catherine Bilson

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