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Wolf Magic | Book 3 - Whychoose Witches

Wolf Magic | Book 3 - Whychoose Witches

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It was a love spell that was meant to make the future better, instead its unearthed the sins of the past.

I'm trying not to be jealous of my two friends happiness, but how can I not? Ruby is swimming in love and sexiness, and Bella got TWO Alphas for heavens sake! They're both living my dream, and I'm all alone.

I've spent a month at the pack's town, desperate to find my soul mates, and nothing. Christmas is around the corner, and everything begins to change as the snow starts to fall. More mysteries about our past is revealed, and there's hope our fathers might actually be alive!

Will my mates show up as Christmas morning dawns? Or will I be stuck watching everyone around me find happiness, while I sit back and watch.

Practical Magic meets Twilight in this coming of age, reverse harem paranormal romance.

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