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Wicked Fae Bundle

Wicked Fae Bundle

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Fated mates, enemies to lovers and steamy paranormal romance.

★★★★★ ~ Holy shiznet!!! What a gr8 story. I truly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading the next.

The blurbs for all four books in this series can be found by clicking on the book titles below.

Book 1 - The Shifter's Stolen Fae

Can you see my wings? Because you're not meant to. If you can... then you're one of us.

I live in a realm run by Witches and Warlocks. They use shifters as servants and vampires as sex slaves. So, I hear you ask, what of the Fae? Well, we escaped long ago. All of us, except for those they call the 'Wicked.'

When we're children, we are tested. Our magic, our blood, our heart. And for those that fail, we are cast out, back to the realm of the Witches to be killed... or worse. I was taken in by a Witch with little power, and used to help her thrive, but now that's she gone, I'm free, and it's time that the Wicked take back what is theirs.

For fans of Jaymin Eve, Jeanine Frost and Shannon Mayer.

Urban Fae is the first in the Wicked Fae series. A paranormal fantasy romance series with lots of action, bad guys, and a love that will conquer all.  

Book 2 - Shadow Fae Magic

Aurelia is more important than even Grey realizes...

When Aurelia runs away from Grey- the King of the Syndicate, she runs into something so much worse. The Wicked Fae earned their name for a reason, and Aurelia finds herself inside a jail cell within Faery. No-one knows she's there, and Grey can't get to her while she's in the one place his shifter genes won't allow him access.

The King of the Syndicate is actually the prince of all shifters, and Grey is about to find out what it's like to be the man he was born to be.

Steamy paranormal romance, full of action and adventure.

The Wicked Fae saga continues. Steamy paranormal romance.

Book 3 - Chosen by the Fae

Enemies to Lovers. Fated Mates. Kings and Queens.

The world has gone crazy...

Aurelia and Grey have been separated and are both fighting for their lives. Aurelia needs to get out of Faery without being seen, and Grey needs to say alive long enough to find his mate once more.

Ronaldo and Malcolm have the humans under their thumb and the paranormals are fighting amongst themselves. 

Can Aurelia and Grey step into the role of the King and Queen they truly are? 

Book 4 - King Shifter and Queen Fae

Grey must accept his title of King of the Shifters, and it's time for Aurelia to step into her true role as future Queen of the Shadow Fae.

Enemies to lovers. Steamy Paranormal Romance.

This is the LAST book in the Wicked Fae series.

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