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Baby of the Wolf | Book 4 - Pack Loyalty

Baby of the Wolf | Book 4 - Pack Loyalty

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She left town without a backwards glance... now he knows why.

The walls around Noah's pack have come crashing down, and the Thornwood clan can now freely roam the wilderness. Noah should be happy, but there's an ache deep in his chest for the woman who got away. Amy. The human he brought home one HOT night, to have her leave, and never come back.

Amy was a good girl, not someone who slept with every hot guy she came across. But there had been something irresistible about Noah. That had been her excuse anyway, for why she fell so easily into bed with the guy with the electric blue eyes. Getting pregnant by him... well, that was a consequence she hadn't prepared herself for.

But Amy managed okay on her own, until her baby girl starts showing signs of something that just isn't human. Seeking answers she runs back to the man who still haunts her dreams and who makes her body burn. 

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