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Justice Found | Book 3 - Time Cop Mysteries

Justice Found | Book 3 - Time Cop Mysteries

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She lost everything to save the ones she loves… but can she save herself?

Love is both a gift and a curse. I learned that the hard way.

After risking my life to save my sister, she repaid me with betrayal.

And to protect the man who holds my heart, I had to gamble with fate.

We time-hopped to change the past.

Now I'm trapped in an alternate timeline.

It's a life I don't recognize—and the man I love doesn't recognize me.

My sister's deceit cost me everything.

My job.

My man.

My identity.

But I won't let her win.

In a world where family is foe, and enemies are allies, the only person I can truly trust is myself.

And I'll fight to get my life back… even if it kills me.

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