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Kingdom of Equality | Book 10 - Daughters of the Warlock Series

Kingdom of Equality | Book 10 - Daughters of the Warlock Series

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Courtney and her sisters are at the end of their patience with the Council. They have been captured, put on trial, foiled assassination attempts, and done everything in their power to fit in, when they were born to stand up and fight.

Enough is enough. When the council come into their home and arrest their father, the girls formulate a plan to save him. But Charity is determined to have Matlock killed, and Courtney's whole family thrown out of the magical realms once and for all.

Now it's war. Not just on Charity, but the whole Council. Either the Councilors retire their positions and step aside, or Courtney, her sisters, and their gang of fae, shifters and witches, are going to drag the whole Council down.

It's time... for the Kingdom of Equality.

The FINAL book in the Daughters of the Warlock series is FINALLY here!
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