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Lizzie's Recalcitrant Earl | Book 3 - The Heir and the Spare

Lizzie's Recalcitrant Earl | Book 3 - The Heir and the Spare

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Widows are safe for this rakehell to bed… until he meets the one widow he can’t forget.

Lizzie Somers is a widow with means. But instead of retiring to her country estate, she’s off to London in search of a husband. She’s certain she needs a respectable, faithful man to give her the family she desperately desires. Until she meets notorious rake, Rupert Willoughby. He’s the opposite of what she wants, but exactly what she needs. And her heart leaps before her head can catch up.

Rupert Willoughby dedicated his youth to becoming the worst possible candidate for Earl, a title he never wanted. Not only does he have a reputation for drinking, and frequenting ladies of the night, but he has the muscles of a pugilist. Most unbecoming of a gentleman. He thought he’d secured his freedom, but nothing can scare away the matchmaking mamas and eligible ladies of the ton. Society expects him to marry. He needs a wife he can wed, bed and forget. Then Lizzie enters his world and stamps herself onto his heart.

Rupert’s found a woman he wants to love forever… but can he be the man his beloved Lizzie deserves?


Audiobook narrated by Catherine Bilson

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