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Mega Steamy Paranormal Romance Bundle

Mega Steamy Paranormal Romance Bundle

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Don't miss out on this incredible bundle of over 40 steamy paranormal romance titles by Amelia Shaw and Tamsin Baker.

Bundle includes:

Pack Loyalty
A steamy paranormal romances series including Second Chance Romance, Fated Mates, Secret babies, Accidental Pregnancy's and all with a guaranteed happily ever after! 

  • Fate of the Wolf | Book 1 
  • Love of the Wolf | Book 2 
  • Destiny of the Wolf | Book 3 
  • Baby of the Wolf | Book 4 
  • Curse of the Wolf | Book 5

The Dragon Kings of Fire and Ice
Steamy Paranormal Romances featuring HOT dragon shifters and happy endings.

  • Taken by the Dragon King | Book 1 
  • A King for the Sorceress | Book 2 
  • Rebuilding His Dragon Kingdom | Book 3 
  • The Heir of Winter | Book 4 
  • The Dragon's True Mate | Book 5 
  • The Human Mate for the Dragon Prince | Book 6 
  • The Prince of Dragon Magic | Book 7 
The Paranormals Blood World

A steamy Why Choose series featuring Vampires, Shifters, and a covert Witch.

  • Wolf Mated | Book 1
  • Dragon Mated | Book 2 
  • Vampire Mated | Book 3 
  • Shadow's Quest | Book 4

The Woodland Wolf Packs
Three strong women wary of love… and the wolf shifter packs ready to claim them.

  • The Pack's Mate | Book 1 
  • Claiming Their Mate | Book 2 
  • Saving the Pack | Book 3 

Wicked Fae
Fated mates, enemies to lovers and steamy paranormal romance.

  • The Shifter's Stolen Fae | Book 1 
  • Shadow Fae Magic | Book 2 
  • Chosen by the Fae | Book 3 
  • King Shifter and Queen Fae | Book 4 

The Gargoyle Shifters of New York
Enter the world of sexy gargoyle-shifters who watch over New York City.

  • Her Knight in Shining Stone | Book 1 - The Gargoyle Shifters of New York
  • Beauty and the Gargoyle | Book 2 - The Gargoyle Shifters of New York
  • Sleeping Stone | Book 3 - The Gargoyle Shifters of New York

The Slayer Academy
Thrust into a world of powerful magic and deathly danger… an ordinary girl must embrace her extraordinary destiny to survive.

  • The Legacy: Semester 1 | Book 1 - The Slayer Academy
  • Fae Hunter: Semester 2 | Book 2 - The Slayer Academy
  • Forbidden Love: Semester 3 | Book 3 - The Slayer Academy

Perfect Pairs
Standalone, yet interconnected MFM menage romances with wolf shifters.

  • Prowling Their Mate | Book 1 
  • Stalking Their Mate | Book 2 
  • Shadowing Their Mate | Book 3 
  • Her Shifter Pack | Book 4 

WhyChoose Witches
Wolf shifters, Witches, and the Halloween magic that ties them all together.

  • Alpha Magic | Book 1
  • Pack Magic | Book 2 
  • Wolf Magic | Book 3

The Shifter Rejected
A slow-burn paranormal romance series following a wolf-shifter rejected by her mate, and fighting to save her pack.

  • Wolf of Ash | Book 1 
  • Wolf of Blood | Book 2 
  • Wolf of Shadows | Book 3 
  • Wolf of Thorns | Book 4 
  • Wolf of Bones | Book 5 
  • Wolf of Startlight | Book 6 


The Paranormals Blood World Series

Wolf Mated | Book 1

A Vampire assassin killed her dad. Now, to get revenge, she’ll risk being next.

Lawyer by day and knife-throwing badass by night, Sadie is no stranger to conflict. But nothing could have prepared her to take over her father’s bounty hunter workshop... When a protective wolf shifter and a possessive dragon shifter turn up on her door, both claiming to be her mates, Sadie knows she can’t cave to her desires. Not with her father’s killer still on the loose.

As she fights the pull to the two arrogant, sexy, smoking hot shifters, she inadvertently discovers something a lot more sinister than her father’s murder going on. The Vampires are hunting for something, and Sadie is determined to find out what it is. But as she seeks answers, she soon discovers the biggest problem of all: Sadie is no longer the hunter.

She’s just become the prey. 

Dragon Mated | Book 2

Three possessive, paranormal men share one badass woman...

Sadie, Rogan and Fridge are working together and hot on the trail of the Vampire who killed Sadie’s father. Finally, clues seem to be adding up and they are making headway... but things aren’t easy. Fridge, Sadie’s dragon-shifter mate has deep-seated commitment issues, while Rogan, Sadie’s wolf-shifter mate wants to become the best family unit around.

When a vampire assassin Sadie assumes is her father’s killer kidnaps her and ignites a mating-bond, she’s in real trouble. Not only that, but he wants to join their triad!Can the three men get along as they continue their quest to find a killer and take apart the Blood Ring that would capture Sadie and drain her life?

Or will the Blood World politics destroy them all? 

Vampire Mated | Book 3

Not one, or two - but three fated mates..? Either Fate has a strange sense of humor, or she has truly blessed Sadie. The jury’s still out.

But while Sadie tries to wrangle three relationships and her intense attraction with each of her men, the vampire blood ring is still in operation and the reality is horrific.The vampires have women trapped underground, suffering while their blood is slowly siphoned from their bodies. Some of them are even being bred to produce more people for the select vampire blood tastes.

The blood ring is big business and big money, which means Sadie, Fridge, Rogan and Vincent, are taking on a very BIG enemy.Sadie is yet to fully mate with her Vampire, and her half-witch powers lay dormant. Playing this cat and mouse game might bring them together, but surviving is not guaranteed for all four of them.

Shadow's Quest | Book 4

Rescuing a witch from the underground was hard enough... keeping her, and her baby alive, will be the hardest thing Shadow ever does.

When my cousin talked me into rescuing the witches from the underground, I figured... I've lived long enough. Time to do something truly stupid. Well, that was only the beginning. In the vampire's den I found my fated mate, a woman with enough magic in her blood stream to have every vampire running to kidnap her back.

I was never meant to have a mate. I'm a mixed breed-mongrel, and anyone can see it. I have a heavy limp, scaly skin and a hunch back. But nothing will stop me from protecting my woman, or the baby in her belly that I didn't put there. I don't care who comes for them. The Vampire Father's.... or the strongest shifter on the planet. No-one will get past me. 

The Dragon Kings of Fire and Ice Series

Taken by the Dragon King | Book 1

Stavrok won’t let anything stand between him and his mate.
There’s a beast inside of me, and there will be a time when I can’t control him. That’s what my father told me happens when my dragon finds his mate. He will claim them. He will not be gentle. He will not be sweet. My dragon will do whatever it takes to ensure his mate doesn’t leave, no matter the cost.

Lucy thinks soulmates are only for her dreams.
When a stranger breaks into my home and comes after me, I recognize his face. He’s the man from my dreams—the one I’m destined to fall in love with. But I don’t believe in soulmates. That’s why I try to flee.

Stavrok takes Lucy to the snowy mountains, hellbent on proving she’s his mate.
But then his kingdom is attacked, and Lucy is stolen away from the Dragon King. Now her only hope lies in knowing Stavrok will turn the world to ash and brimstone looking for her...and his dragon babies.

A King for the Sorceress | Book 2

As Fated Mates, can Erik and Marienne overcome a destiny haunted by death?
Erik's dragon lurks beneath the surface, only willing to emerge for one woman, his half-brother's widow. As the Queen of the Kingdom he's inherited, Erik will need her by his side in order to survive as the new King.

Marienne will never bow to a man or dragon King again.
After her tyrannical husband was killed, Marienne was finally set free, and she's determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past. As a sorceress people have always sought her out for what she is, not for the woman she is. So why would Erik be any different? Except Marienne knows why and it's plagued her dreams for the past five years.

Erik is her Fated Mate, and he doesn't even know it.
One hot night proves their bond is real, but with their connection comes a vision of Erik dying in her arms, their Kingdom burning. Untold agony, and their greatest enemy, awaits them in the Kingdom no-one has ever seen. Can they save their future... or are they also fated to perish together as well? 

Rebuilding His Dragon Kingdom | Book 3

The loner King will need to fight his own demons to win the day, and the love of his fated mate.
I, Damon, the King of the Northern clan, am busy rebuilding my kingdom which fell into the pit of destruction under the rule of my father. I am determined to be a better, stronger, kinder King. But stepping out of the shadow of a tyrant is harder than I imagined.

Cass is a starry-eyed 'royal' who can't wait to meet the infamous King Damon.
When my cousin King Stavrok takes me to the North, it's a dream come true. But finding out my fated mate is the loner King whose re-building a kingdom from the stone floor up? Not exactly the happily ever after I pictured for myself.

Damon's world is dangerous and Cass struggles to cope. Will these fated mates fight to be together? Or will the world around them tear them apart forever? 

The Heir of Winter | Book 4

Dymitri won’t let the past destroy his future with his broken mate.
When the sorceress Marienne foretells my mate is a human, and she is in trouble, I don’t think. I fly. Fly to the human world to hunt those men who have stolen her and would sell her into Hell itself. No-one will stand between me and my mate.

Sarah gave up on waiting for someone to rescue her, until a knight in shining scales arrived.
When a strange man offers to save me from an impossible fate, I’m terrified. Especially when he turns into a dragon before my eyes. It can’t be real. I have to be dreaming. But my sister is hurt, and they offer to save her too. So with my heart in my throat, I take the chance and leap. Letting the dragons obliterate all in their path.

Dymitri flys Sarah to his castle in the snow, hellbent on proving his worth.
But Sarah’s scars run as deep as Dymitri’s. They’ve both seen their fair share of battles, and both have a sad story to tell. Sarah is slow to trust, but Dymitri won’t give in. But a human is not meant to survive the cold of the North, and when Sarah tries to escape, it may be the end, for them both. 

The Dragon's True Mate | Book 5

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." ― Marilyn Monroe

Lucian was told that Sarah's little sister was his mate... but Marienne was wrong about one thing. It's not the little sister who makes the dragon shifter's heart pound, it's the older sister Katerina - whose curves and abundance stop him dead in his tracks.

But Katerina isn't of the dragon world. She has a life in the human realm and she'll fight to stay there, even if it ends the relationship building between her and Lucian. 

Can the grumpy dragon and the stubborn human make their relationship work in a world that is determined to keep them apart?

The Human Mate for the Dragon Prince | Book 6

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." -Dr. Seuss

Stavrok and Lucy's son has come of age, and it's time for the crown prince to meet his fated mate.

Anselm's desire for his mate eats at him day and night.  It seems a curse on the men in his family to wait until breaking point to find their fate. But what the prince doesn't know is that he's already known the woman made for him, and she's pregnant with his babe.

Kayla fell in love with Anselm the first moment she laid eyes on him. What she didn't expect after an amazing night of passion with him, was for him to disappear, leaving her pregnant and alone. She's got by just fine on her own, and there's no way she's letting Anselm stroll back into her life after what he'd done.

*** The next generation of dragon kings is here in this steamy paranormal romance.

The Prince of Dragon Magic | Book 7

Marienne and Erik's son finds his mate...Anthony has a secret that he's been hiding from everyone. Something he's ashamed of, and something he has no control over. He has magic, more magic than any dragon shifter in history, and in his eyes that makes him a freak. An abomination. Not worthy of love, especially from that of his fated mate.

Charity's life as a restaurant manager is rudely interrupted when she's attacked, then saved by a dragon shifter and prince of alternate realm. Her world no longer makes sense, and when she sees the magic swirling in Anthony's eyes she knows she's found the man of her dreams. Quite literally.

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